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MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer

Creative photo and graphic design for the future:

Photo & Graphic Designer 7 is the most flexible and time-saving all-in-one solution for impressive graphics:
Powerful image editing, astounding illustration capabilities, professional design templates and extensive desktop publishing (DTP), all in a single intuitive program! Ideal for use in academic institutions.

Examples of use:

  • Picture editing: Enhance with ease images, texts and logos.
  • Printing: Teach your class how to create and print school newspapers, posters and brochures and fliers optimally.
  • Set Photos professionally in scene: Photos of school excursions, events or field trips become even more interesting, artistic and unique through the use of creative and amazing editing tools.
  • Improve your slideshows: Create exciting slideshows for your lessons.
Video deluxe
Academic Suite MX always contains the latest versions!
Due to its extreme user-friendliness the Academic Suite MX is especially suitable for students. Teachers and students can experience, after a short training period, success that inspires.
€ 99,99
Single License
€ 399,00
Classroom (15+1)
Academic Suite MX offers vocational trainees and students single user licences at a considerably reduced price.