MAGIX software in the classroom


Every year, winners of awards and seals of approval for distinguished educational products are announced in Germany. The value of MAGIX products for children and young adults will be recognized yet again, as our products are regularly awarded with various prizes and medals. In the past, MAGIX has received the following educational sector prizes:


Media Prize from MediaMax

The Berlin Media Prize “MediaMax” has been around since 2005 and is awarded to projects, concepts and ideas related to multimedia productions by children and young adults. On the 10th anniversary of the state program “jugendnetz-berlin” a special focus has been placed on honoring projects and ventures that have long been dedicated to promoting creativity and media competence among Berlin’s children and youth.

Comenius Siegel

Comenius EduMedia Award

Each year, the German Society of Pedagogy and Information (Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information e.V., or GPI), a scientific community focused on multimedia, educational technology and media didactics, bestows the Comenius EduMedia award for IKT-based educational media in Europe. With its Comenius awards, GPI supports IKT-based educational materials that have distinguished themselves pedagogically, in terms of content and design.


R.I.P. (Reconnu d’intérêt pédagogique)

The prestigious “RIP” (“Reconnu d’intérêt pédagogique”) is awarded by the French Ministry for Education. The purpose of this award is to help teachers choose learning materials from the range available in the field of educational multimedia. This logo certifies software as having made a positive contribution to education. Just which packages and multimedia projects should bear the logo is debated by teaching staff and experts, and a multimedia committee makes the final decision based on the arguments.



The German GIGA-Maus seal is known as a reliable wayfinder for parents, children and teachers when buying software as well as selecting family-appropriate Internet offers. Recipients are programs and online sites for children and the whole family: Learning programs, creative programs, children’s and family Internet content, as well as games for TV and consoles.



The pedagogically-oriented interactive Pädi award is given to German multimedia products for children and young adults. Online and offline projects are considered, and the winners are selected by a process that seeks to recognize “pedagogically valuable” products involving children, young adults, parents, teachers and experts.
The Pädi award as well as the measures associated with it (Pädi seal of approval, info brochures, etc) are significant contributors to making the multimedia market more transparent for parents and teachers, giving them valuable orientation in their tasks. The children and young adults reap the most benefit, assured of receiving appropriate and high-quality multimedia products.
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