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Far-reaching media skills should be taught early - for success in the professional world.

The all-in-one MAGIX Academic Suite packages are the ideal tool - including software for video, music, website, and image editing.

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  Teaching media literacy in the classroom! Like many other areas, the education system has been subject to rapid technological change. Teaching multimedia literacy is therefore an essential … More information



Werner-von-Siemens School

Science meets multimedia: Werner-von-Siemens school in Gransee/Brandenburg is a high school with a focus on promoting understanding of math and sciences, comprehensive general education as well as … More information

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MAGIX and Cornelsen publishers are recipients of the prestigious Comenius seal

On June 24th, 2001 the Society of Pedagogy and Information (Gesellschaft fĂŒr PĂ€dagogik und Information e.V., or GPI), a scientific community focused … More information

MAGIX receives the “Reconnu d’IntĂ©rĂȘt PĂ©dagogique” distinction

MAGIX Academic Suite 3 has been awarded the prestigious "RIP" ("Reconnu d'intĂ©rĂȘt pĂ©dagogique," or "In the Interest of General Education"). Berlin/Paris, … More information

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